Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where Did Everyone Go?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 -

It is sometimes hard to grasp just how much people DON'T get it. It's like violence and abuse in relationships is some foreign thing, because they have no idea how to respond to that information. Then, since I got out, they think that it's all said and done with - when that is not the case at all. Yes, they are sincerely glad I survived and escaped, but they don't realize the lasting impact and daily challenges it still carries. It's as though people believe it wasn't that bad because they have never seen me with bruises... or because my abuser was charged but not convicted... They show it when they just don't want to get involved in the life of a family that has gone through, and still going through, such ordeals. Many people are quite satisfied being fair-weather friends, and those are not the kind of people who stick around when times are tough - like now.

I am still going through a crisis - the hardest one of my life thus far. Where are my supporters? My encourager's? My friends? While it is tough to do it so much on my own, I do have a best friend who helps me think through and deal with almost everything. Adam, bless you.

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