Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Camp for Kids who Witness Violence

The kids and I are out of town at a 'camp' for Children Who Witness Domestic Violence. They have sessions for their age level, and I am with the ladies, but we all talk about the same topics. It is great so far - we made it through the first day - with 2 more days to go.

In today's last session, we watched a video about kids who witness violence. There were lots of things that compared to the stuff we went through, and I nearly broke into tears at one point. There was also a part where a little boy acted up after a visit with their Dad. That is exactly what my kids are like after just a 2 hour supervised visit with their Dad. It was really good to know that my children's behavior IS normal... normal for a child who grew up in a household where their Dad abused their Mom.

As much as I am glad we came to this camp, I am already becoming emotionally drained...

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