Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Real Person

When this picture popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, it struck me right between the eyes.  How many years have I wondered what I did to somehow provoke or encourage him to be angry at me regardless of what I said or did. I wondered how expressing my opinion could make him so upset.  It took only a short length of time for me to no longer be a real person. With each harmful word and each act of abuse, the real me regressed deeper and deeper inside until "I" no longer existed.
Getting ME back is a daily decision that I am worth saving. I am worth getting back. Who I was designed to be, with all my personality and characteristics, is worth resurrecting. I choose every day to allow more and more of me to surface. I am discovering that I have traits that I like!
I AM a real person and I will never let ME disappear again.