Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Real Person

When this picture popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, it struck me right between the eyes.  How many years have I wondered what I did to somehow provoke or encourage him to be angry at me regardless of what I said or did. I wondered how expressing my opinion could make him so upset.  It took only a short length of time for me to no longer be a real person. With each harmful word and each act of abuse, the real me regressed deeper and deeper inside until "I" no longer existed.
Getting ME back is a daily decision that I am worth saving. I am worth getting back. Who I was designed to be, with all my personality and characteristics, is worth resurrecting. I choose every day to allow more and more of me to surface. I am discovering that I have traits that I like!
I AM a real person and I will never let ME disappear again.


mary said...

Thank you. Reading post like this make me feel not alone. I'm currently recovering from the aftermath of my extremely abusive relationship. If you'd be interested in knowing my story it's http://speaktruthsurvivor.blogspot.com/

thank you

Larry Blanscett said...

I'm looking for a partner to help create, promote, and present the Before It Begins curriculum for high school students. The program enables students to identify traits of potential domestic abusers and encourages them to reject harmful, demeaning behaviors. Before It Begins leverages the power of entertainment combined with interactive instruction.
The ultimate objective is to increase respect for individual's needs and space, to foster civility, and to enhance more kind and safe relationships. Before It Begins can reduce domestic abuse and save youth from being manipulated and battered by those with bullying, controlling attitudes.
The task before us requires dedication and perseverance. The desire to control others is a common characteristic that can be natural to most of us. Like with the war against racial prejudice, to make such a fundamental social change necessitates determined commitment over time.
This is a collaborative effort where partners contribute to both concept and application. I bring a host of talents to the project, including film, stage, and music production. I also have a background in creating media based instruction. All of those disciplines require respectful interaction with a variety of individuals with different expertise.
To learn more, go to www.larryblanscett.com and select the upper far left link Before It Begins.
Thank you you for taking the time to consider my search for a motivated partner.
Sincerely, Larry W. Blanscett

Anonymous said...

Great lines and thoughts, it may gives new way for those who stop looking forward.

Anonymous said...

my name is Roy and I own Bayareaprocessservers.com ive been process serving for 20 years. ive seen it all with domestic violence. we get a lot of business from people that are not from the usa people that come from
india china because the laws in those countries are more to look the other was
here in the Bay Area the police will more forward even do the women will not
follow thru. I pray for every person that gets abused